Applejack Diner

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Old-style diner with a classic menu.

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Appetizers (10)

Fried Calamari


Shrimp Cocktail (5 Pc)


Stuffed Clams (4 Pc)


Stuffed Mushrooms (5 Pc)


Mozzarella Sticks (6 Pc)


Buffalo Wings (6 Pc)


BBQ Wings (6 Pc)


Chicken Fingers (4 Pc)


Potato Skins


Served with bacon and cheddar cheese.
The Sampler


A delicious combo of potato skins, chicken fingers, Mozzarella sticks and buffalo wings.

Soups (3)

Daily Soup


Matza Ball Soup


French Onion Soup


Applejack Salads (15) : view all

Garden Salad


Served with balsamic dressing.
Greek Salad (Large)


Cucumber, lettuce, tomato, peppers, anchovies, feta cheese, olives and stuffed grape leaves.
Cobb Salad


Grilled chicken with sliced avocado, corn and blue cheese over mixed greens.
Stuffed Avocado Salad


Mesclun Salad


Served with balsamic dressing.
Nicoise Salad


White tuna, potato salad, green beans, olives, anchovies, lettuce, tomato and hard boiled egg.
Applejack Salad


Tuna, chicken, egg and shrimp salad with potato salad, coleslaw, lettuce and tomato.
Chef's Salad


White meat turkey, roast beef, ham, American cheese, Swiss cheese, hard boiled egg and tomato over garden salad.
Caesar Salad


Romaine lettuce, grated cheese with croutons and Caesar dressing.
Portobello Salad


Prepared with zucchini, asparagus, tomato and fresh mozzarella over garden salad.
Mozzarella Salad


Fresh mozzarella cheese over garden salad. 
Goat Cheese Salad


Fresh goat cheese over garden salad.